Quest of Eternity: Keys of Time - Released!


Quest of Eternity Article 2: It's just an echo...


I have a variety of media to show for the next volume of this game. The volumes and episodes have all been pretty different from each other; even the names, which makes it hard to track them down. I wouldn't even recommend trying. Most people won't understand this game. It is a simple mystery for meditation.


A section of this version has many messages inside.


Message01, Message02Message01, Message02

These strange levels are in this version as well...


I have been developing the game with a lot more freedom lately. This newest volume is made for those who desire mystery and meditation. It is going to be free of course. The release is coming soon.

Files 157 MB
May 30, 2017


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Why are the downloads disabled? 

The game looks really interesting,looking forward to playing it.

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I accidentally put " It is going to be free of course. The release is coming soon. "

It is free and released already :) Couldn't find the edit.